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Who we are

Moshal is a youth-oriented mental health organization with a diverse panel of licensed professionals; where we bring together all the young survivors on one platform, to work towards breaking the stigma and debunking myths related to mental health. We strive to make mental healthcare accessible, affordable and effective; both nationally and internationally. Our well-trained client relations team is always there to assist you in your most vulnerable moment. Our experts and leaders give importance to personality development to help youth combat challenges and rise above them all. 

Moshal aims to build a sound environment; where there is effective communication, mutual understanding and acceptance from home, school and those around you.

What We Do ?

the Stigma

Due to the negative connotations surrounding mental health, many individuals suffering from such issues feel a sense of shame in expressing their problems, and this hinders them from seeking the help they need. We, as a mental health organization, are constantly working on breaking this stigma and creating awareness by engaging in various activities, arranging seminars in corporate sectors and educational institutions, collaborating with root level organizations, working with front-liners and encouraging people to talk about their battles.

Counselling Services

We have a diverse panel of mental health counselors, psychotherapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists to cater to your needs. Because we believe in teamwork and combined effort, our experts work hand in hand to maximize your mental progress. Through a well-trained client relations team, we connect you to the most suitable expert and ensure your well-being after the sessions through follow-ups and feedbacks.

Parent-Child Relationships

We arrange family therapy sessions with counselors and therapists, in order to encourage more open conversations between parents and their children and to bridge the distance that may exist between them. Through seminars and workshops in educational institutions, we focus on teaching effective parenting techniques and also provide training on parenting children with disabilities enabling them to comprehend the unique issues that children face.

Student-Teacher Relationships

Moshal's aim is to create safe and non-judgemental learning environments in educational institutes. Moshal will arrange workshops in different schools with the assistance of educational or school psychologists. Through these workshops, Moshal aims to prevent bullying on school premises, spread awareness about substance abuse among students, and train teachers on effective teaching strategies.

Providing Training
& Workshops

Moshal seeks to bring out the best in today's youth, and help them overcome the challenges they face. We aim to build a generation of strong resilient individuals and future leaders via workshops and seminars to provide training on a wide range of skill-sets, starting from and not limited to: leadership and entrepreneurship; positive coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety, stress and trauma; dealing with disabilities and dysfunctional family dynamics, and much more. Additionally, we provide corporate and organisational training sessions aimed at improving organisational infrastructures and enhancing growth.

Personality Development

We believe that self-development is the first step towards ensuring a happier future for our youth. Too often, young people are left feeling incapable, unmotivated, and overwhelmed by the expectations placed on them. To help them face these challenges, we offer valuable life-coaching and counseling sessions with qualified therapists, within and outside the organization, where young people learn how to stay motivated and cope with excess stress. They also develop their self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills regaining their self-worth.

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Journey to light

” It felt really heavy, almost like my chest was shrinking and I couldn’t breathe. I fell down and before I knew it someone was beating me. My body became cold and it felt like I was paralyzed. Slowly I couldn’t see anything. To this day, I wouldn’t have known what was wrong with me if I didn’t pick up the phone and ask for help. 

It was a panic attack. Later on, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. And the person who was beating me hard was me.

This is Maria Mumu, the founding president of Moshal. Just like my story, there’s a thousand other untold ones and ones that fade away with those who could not make it. In 2016, my best friend hanged himself. In 2018, a junior jumped from the staircase. All the warning signs were ignored. When I finally got out of that dark place, I knew it wasn’t just about me and I owe it to all of you because I know how it feels like to scream at the top of your lungs and have nobody to listen.

So, here’s Moshal for you. Moshal wants to write its victory story by helping you all to write yours and make a leap in the history. “

– Maria Mumu

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Why Choose Us ?

Moshal fosters an environment which is respectful and inclusive, where one can thrive. We
pride ourselves on having created an environment which feels like a heaven.

To ensure your privacy and confidentiality, we maintain legal documents between you and your therapist.

We make sure that you are in the most comfortable and non-judgmental environment that’s why we provide our services through video call, audio call, or text. We provide counseling via text for people with special needs. 

We fully respect our clients’ feedback, and if a client does not prefer a counselor, we redirect him/her to another one of our panel members. This whole process eventually becomes a check and balance system through your reviews. We are there to ensure your progress by taking feedbacks from you on a weekly basis.

 We have a diverse panel of mental health specialists from different areas of the world who know how to deal with cultural diversity.

We created a healthy working environment where we created a family.

Become A Proud Volunteer

Volunteer in Moshal  to become a part of the movement.


Moshal Mental Health welcomes all young enthusiasts, driven to make a difference. If you
are passionate on the topic of mental health and feel the need to contribute to the effort;
 to make mental health accessible, affordable and effective, this is the place for you!

Some of your frequent questions, answered.

Yes, definitely. To us, your willingness to contribute to our growing organization is what matters the most. If working in this sector is something that drives you, we would be happy to have you.

We periodically recruit for full time/part time positions at Moshal Mental Health. Please stay updated on our Facebook page to know about openings.

Please fill up the google form that’s attached below with your complete information details and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Form:

As a campus ambassador, you will be acting as a medium between us and your educational institute. Please submit the form to apply:

Help us reach more people

Donate for more impact

Moshal is a non-profit organization and needs funding from outside sources to run. The donations are needed for the following purposes:

•  Therapy sessions can be quite costly, and it is very tough for financially challenged clients to afford such sessions. We help to connect these clients to the best therapists and counselors available with the help of your funding.

•  To create awareness regarding mental health and trying to diminish the barriers by breaking the stigma; we arrange various seminars and workshops at different educational institutions. With your help, we can increase the frequency of certain activities.

Wholeheartedly appreciate all of your concerns and support. Thank you! 

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